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An open door (photo from http://www.sxc.hu/)

Reading a post by Carlos Scolari about the publication of his paper on ‘Narrativas transmediáticas’ (Transmedia Storytelling), I came across the International Journal


I found yesterday the wonderful website of Hans (Nick) Roericht. He was a student/lecturer at the hfg ulm and later on at the hdk Berlin

A fine line: a book by Hartmut Esslinger

Without any doubt, frog design is one of the biggest and more interesting design bureaus in the world. With offices in many cities –such as …

World maps that change our vision

I came across Worldmapper a couple of years ago while I was preparing a tutorial at the Design Studies Department. For some reason, the images …

Sir Ken Robinson at RISD

Sir Ken Robinson –the recognized British author– is one of my favorites thinkers when I consider the areas of education and creativity. Addressing an audience …

Design, Arduino and the next wave

In the last decades designers have been moving away from ‘posters and toasters’ (in terms of Richard Buchanan) to a more complex scenario, computers and …

Design and the right-brain

Daniel Pink is an american author who has been writing about Design and the right-brainers. On his book –A whole new mind. Why right-brainers

Design aids knowledge

A short research paper I wrote for the Master in Theory of Communicational Design in which I compare different ways of representing complex concepts and …

Being authentic

Taken from Jim Jarmusch’s Golden Rules, this poster explains the difference between authenticity and originality claiming than the later doesn’t exist. And with an …

Design and optimism

In the introduction to the Design conference Changing the Change (Torino 10th, 11th, 12th July 2008) the designer Ezio Manzini talked about new design knowledge