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From tailors to gardeners

During three days of November (2013) in Florinanópolis, Brazil, took place the Conference Senses & Sensibility 2013. There I have presented the paper “From …

Austin center for design

A new institution led by the recognized interaction designer Jon Kolko (associate creative director at frog design) is calling the attention of the design …

Paola Antonelli on the designers’ role

Johnny Holland interviewed Paola Antonelli, the design curator at the New York Museum of Modern Art (see Design and the Elastic Mind: An Interview with


I found yesterday the wonderful website of Hans (Nick) Roericht. He was a student/lecturer at the hfg ulm and later on at the hdk Berlin

A fine line: a book by Hartmut Esslinger

A fine line

Without any doubt, frog design is one of the biggest and more interesting design bureaus in the world. With offices in many cities –such as …

World maps that change our vision

I came across Worldmapper a couple of years ago while I was preparing a tutorial at the Design Studies Department. For some reason, the images …

Design and the right-brain

A whole new mind

Daniel Pink is an american author who has been writing about Design and the right-brainers. On his book –A whole new mind. Why right-brainers

Design aids knowledge


A short research paper I wrote for the Master in Theory of Communicational Design in which I compare different ways of representing complex concepts and …

Design and optimism

In the introduction to the Design conference Changing the Change (Torino 10th, 11th, 12th July 2008) the designer Ezio Manzini talked about new design knowledge

BBC design guidelines

The BBC has its design guidelines on the public sphere. I am particularly interetested on what they call Visual Language, the guidelines for the …