I found yesterday the wonderful website of Hans (Nick) Roericht. He was a student/lecturer at the hfg ulm and later on at the hdk Berlin. His studio, roericht praxis ulm was inside the former hfg building. Nowadays he created a foundation nick-roericht-stiftung to promote talented designers. Among his famous works we can mention the early ones like TC100 Stackable tableware which is part of the MoMa collection, he was part of the team that worked for the Munich Olympics in 1972 and for the corporate identity of Lufthansa. His extensive career (1967 to 1999) includes impressive research, product and communication design for firms like Bosch, Siemens, Rosenthal, etc.

His website (German only unfortunately) has many interesting corners like videos, photos of works, people, design, the HFG Synopsis, his library with circa 3400 book, etc.

I spent quite some time watching his photo series, I particularly loved the Sammlung gemischt a sample of boxes with objects that he has collected over the time. Apart from the objects inside, some of them really amazing, belonging to the German culture/everydaylife, the photos are tidy set and taken under the same optimal conditions, and this fact that makes the sample more consistent and interesting to follow. I also recommend the serie with knifes that contains some peculiar pieces.

Another photo section contains documentation of important stages of product research and design, a must see if you‘re interested in design and people who has visited the office from 1968 to 1992. Watching randomly I found Otl Aicher, and Joachim Krausse –probably there are some more that I am not able to recognize in their young years. The clothing and hair styles from the ‘70’s are awesome!

All of the photos depict the simple, neat, precise design concept. A real diamond in the abundance of data, despite the use of Courier for the text that I find quite tiring to read.